Montclair Massage Therapy


Deep Tissue:  Is a deep approach to to the muscles and body structure.  This technique is appropriate for stress due to repetitive motion, sports injury and injury recovery.  Deep tissue massage helps to break down scar tissue and aides in increasing range of motion as well as general mobility.

Swedish Massage:  Uses long strokes and a lighter touch aiding in deep relaxation.  It helps to increase blood circulation and lymphatic drainage leaving one with a general feeling of well being.

MyoFascial Release:  This technique helps to increase a persons resiliency, flexibility, balance and awareness.  It uses an approach that focuses on the intrinsic spiral found in the human body.  Therapists using this approach apply slow deep pressure that follows Langer's Lines the roadmap of deep fascia.

Raindrop Technique:  This technique can stand alone or be incorporated into a 90 minute massage session.  Using 9 different therapeutic grade A essential oils from Young Living this treatment helps to align the spine and relieve the body of a variety of discomforts caused by imbalances to the system.  Oils are applied to the feet first then along the spine and the muscles of the back.  Ending with hot towels and heat to help allow the oils to sink in.


1 Hour $110
1 and 1/2 hour $145
Raindrop Technique $155

House Calls 90 minute session $190

Package Prices: Per One Hour Session

3 sessions $315
6 sessions $630

  Per Ninety Minute Session

3 sessions $420
6 sessions $840

*Prices DO NOT include NJ State Sales Tax of 6.625%

Cancellation Policy:
I kindly ask that you give me 24 hours advance notice or else I will need to bill you in full for your missed session.
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