Montclair Massage Therapy


Should I arrive early for my appointment?

If it is your first time visiting us arrive 10 minutes early so that you can fill out an information intake form.  This will have questions regarding your health.  You and your therapist will discuss your medical history, current ailments if any and your treatment goals.  If you are a returning client arriving a few minutes ahead of time is sufficient.

Will I be covered during the massage?

Yes, your therapist will give you time alone in the room.  It is recommended that all clothing be removed; however undress to your comfort level and get under the covers on the massage table.  Your body will remained covered for the entire massage except for the area that is being worked on.  For example, if your therapist is working on your leg then only that leg will be uncovered and then recovered when that area is finished.

What should I do 
during the massage?

Relax...Breathe, unless your therapist asks you to actively participate in stretching or to change position, there is nothing else for you to do but to Breathe.  If at any time during your session you find yourself holding your breath simply release it.  Exhaling releases tension, holding your breathe retains tension.  If your therapist is applying pressure or stretching a muscle focus on your breath and exhale and inhale slowly this will help to release and relax the muscles.  Communication with your therapist is the key to fine tuning your massage experience.  If you find the work too deep, you're in pain or uncomfortable, please let your therapist know.  Likewise, if you would like deeper or more specific work, let your needs be known.  Communication is always appreciated.

What is the difference between deep tissue and relaxation massage?

Relaxation massage has a calming effect.  Deep tissue massage involves using deeper pressure techniques to target specific muscles or areas of discomfort (this can also have a calming effect.)  You will discuss with your therapist your areas of concern and treatment goals and she/he can determine which techniques will be most beneficial for you.  Each session is designed to meet the individual needs of the client.

How often should I come?

If you are coming due to chronic pain you will see the best results if you come once per week until the pain cycle breaks.  Then we can re-evaluate your specific needs.  If you are coming to relax or treat stress, come as often as you would like or need.

Will insurance cover massage?

We will be happy to provide you receipts for your sessions so that you may submit them to your insurance company.  We do not bill insurance providers directly.

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